Professional Testing



  • Pascal Wehrlein
  • Leon Draisaitl
  • Tommy Haas
  • Torsten Frings
  • Lothar Matthäus
  • Marko Marin
  • Filip Krzisnik
  • Blaz Slanic


As motorsport is a combination of physical and mental strength, one could not work without the other. To ensure that he can fully focus on the race and his strategy, Formula 1 driver Pascal Wehrlein swears to the benefits of Vexatec to maximize his physical and mental performance. "During the simulator training, I constantly receive live data via blue-tooth on my mobile phone, so I can watch my performance as it happens. With the recorded live data, I can further evaluate my performance in detail."


Tennis players will particularly benefit from the 360-degree technology to enhance their playing ability, agility, and fitness. With its AGILITY SHIRT, the Vexatec tracking function sets new standards in the domain of changing directions, lateral movements, posture, etc. In addition, to precise and continuous ECG monitoring, the individually tailored functions allow athletes to use a completely new and wide-ranging tracking approach in full mode. Tennis player Tommy Haas was honored to be one of the first athletes to successfully test out the Vexatec shirt.

"I'm glad to be part of the VEXATEC team – testing the huge possibilities of the agility shirt and to contribute to its development." - Tommy Haas


The Slovenian acrobatic duo, F&B Acrobatics (Filip Krzisni & Blaz Slanic) is currently making its international debut and has successfully appeared live and on TV shows from Singapore to Madrid. They have implemented the functions of the shirt in an innovative and entertaining way, showing the shirts ability to be used among many sports.